The multidisciplinary art collective Les Slacheurs is proud to present its first creation entitled Façade, funded under the Agreement on the cultural development of Montreal between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec.

Created in collaboration with HUB Studio and Elevation IT, Façade is an interactive video installation that plunges us into a strange narrative in which characters call out to us with their looks, their gestures and their singularity.

Created during the lockdown, Façade offers viewers a reflection on the gap between what they aspire to be and what they cannot achieve. Using the façade of a building, the story is revealed through the deceptive, made-up and “surgically enhanced” appearance of the characters of international artist LouRie (Marie-Lou Desmeules). Through a transformation process that mimics plastic surgery, Lourie explores the ambiguity between beauty and ugliness that contributes to the complexity of self-perception. Using real people as a canvas, Lourie applies various raw materials and paint to sculpt new archetypal personalities that sometimes resemble well-known popular icons.

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